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Episode 6 - Matt Sanders (The Sidekicks)

The beautiful and loving Matt Sanders joins me this time! Drummer extraordinaire of The Sidekicks and dear old friend, Matt and I talk old pranks, sports, growing up punk, and what lays ahead in the future. Menzos have been touring with The Sidekicks for ten freakin years. We’re also label-mates twice over, first on Red Scare and now on Epitaph. I had a wonderful time talking and I hope you enjoy too.

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Episode 5 - Nick Harris (Slaughter Beach, Dog & All Dogs)

Guitarist, Guitar Tech, Artist, and old friend and roommate Nick Harris joins me for the first episode after quite a hiatus. Nick tours with The Menzingers and plays in both All Dogs and Slaughter Beach Dog. My boy shreds. We talk pretty much exclusively about drinking, taking a break from drinking, and quitting drinking.

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Episode 2 - Roger Harvey

Roger and I will be playing a set together at Manchester Punk Festival in the UK on April 20th 2019. We’ll be playing some of each others songs with some stories and surprises to string it all together. It’s going to be a fucking blast! Also, I suppose it would be a pain in the ass to head over there for just one show…..hmm….

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