Episode 3 - Mike Casey (Casey Magic)

Photo: Brett Villena for George Hage (shirt)

Photo: Brett Villena for George Hage (shirt)


One of the souls vibrating right next to mine across a multitude of earths, DIY magician and dear friend MIKE CASEY (Casey Magic) sat down to talk with me while he was out on tour with The Old 97s. Mike has been inspiring and blowing my mind for damn near a decade. Mike has got stories about performing for some of the country and rock and roll greats as well as growing up in south, getting a bit into trouble, and we even dabble a bit into the fascinating and beautiful world of DNA and RNA and their random and not-so-random scripts for our lives. I'll cherish any time I get to have a whiskey and talk some trash with my old friend. This time we recorded it.

Intro song by Pat Brier, you can check out Queen Jesus here!

Biggest thanks to Beth Ann Downey for helping me figure out how to get this here thing going. If you’d like to get in touch you can email me at Tom@futurefriday.net and @tommayallday on socials.

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