Episode 5 - Nick Harris (Slaughter Beach, Dog & All Dogs)


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Hello! Guitarist, Guitar Tech, Artist, and old friend and roommate Nick Harris joins me for the first episode after quite a hiatus. Nick tours with The Menzingers and plays in both All Dogs and Slaughter Beach, Dog. My boy shreds. We talk pretty much exclusively about drinking, taking a break from drinking, and quitting drinking. Sprinkle in a bit of history between old friends and getting your shit together and we’ve got ourselves an episode.

A couple of resources that we mentioned in the podcast:

HBO DOCUMENTARY - This documentary really opened up my eyes to the extent of my own drinking. It’s not fun, but it jerked up perception and understanding of drinking culture at large, as well as in my personal life and friend group.

Open Path Collective - sliding scale therapist collective. Per their website: “Open Path Psychotherapy Collective is a non-profit nationwide network of mental health professionals dedicated to providing in-office mental health care—at a steeply reduced rate—to individuals, couples, children, and families in need.” “Our therapists provide affordable, in-office psychotherapy between $30 and $60 per session (between $30 and $80 for couples & family sessions”

Psychology Today Therapist Finder mabob - A therapist search engine with a shit ton of variables from age, gender, specialty, insurance, distance from a location, and others.

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